Saturday, 2 May 2009

New Shetland Pony For Sale Site..

I had an email yesterday from my friend Debbie at the Tygwyn Miniature Shetland Stud. Her Daughter Julia has started a new website for selling Shetlands and Pony related items. The new site is called Shetlands For Sale. If you click on the name it will take you over to the site.
Julia is a Student and is trying to raise some money, to help with her Studies. To place a for sale advert on the site costs £1.00. Wanted Adverts are free.
So for all those Studs out there, wishing to sell their Stock, or if you want something, give the new site a try, at only £1.00 per advert, I think its a bargain.
We wish Julia every success with the new web site...

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Tippaliisa said...

I have followed your blog long time. I have owned also shetland ponies and in my stable have borned eight foals. Your ponies looks so beautiful. Last pony died five years ago. Now my daughter has a black mare, which is bought from Latvia. If you want to look photoes of ours horses, you can look this blog

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