Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hericus Bucephalus...

Our new arrival now has a name. After much family debate, his name will be Bucephalus.
Bucephalus was the name of Alexander The Great's Horse and means "Great Horse".. We will call him Beau for short..
We have another two Mares who look like they are fit to burst, so hopefully we will have some more Foals this week.

To see his pedigree please click on this link:-
Shetland Pedigree.


Kim said...

He is so beautiful. What a great name for him :)

Kate said...

Hi Beau!
I'm in love!

Katie's Clay Corner said...

My Mom called me this morning to tell me about this artist that she used to see over there.....Named Normon Thelwell...She told me to go look at his pony pictures....And I've been laughing all morning!!! Don't know if you've seen them, but thought you might enjoy them: http://www.thelwell.org.uk/images/ponies/index.htm
*I love the one where they are riding away from the stable...Notice the second lady back has on skates, hehehe.....Or the picture of the pony standing on the kids foot cause he refuses to give him any more treats! That's so funny! Reminds me of when I was little.......I sure do miss having horses around!

Tippaliisa said...

Foal is so beautiful!

Steve said...

Legend has it that Bucephalus and Alexander were born simultaneously. Other stories tell of the horse being born in 355 B.C., a year after Alexander.

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