Sunday, 2 November 2008

Archie's New Home

Just got back from dropping Archie at his new home. He was really good in the trailer and when we got there, he walked lovely up the Lane to the stables. I'm over the Moon that he's gone to such a lovely home. (Remember this is the first Pony I've ever sold & I Love him to bits).
He's got two little friends in the stable next door Monty & Gizmo, but their not quite as friendly as Archie.
Carol showed me the beautiful Name plates , that she's had made for their stable doors. Black slate with each of their names engraved on them. I have a feeling that their all going to be thoroughly spoilt.
Hopefully we will see Archie at the shows next year.
I wish Carol & Tony every success with him.

1 comment:

Kate said...

How bittersweet for you!

Though it is clear Archie will be very content with his new pals Monty and Gizmo, and how nice you will get to reunite with him at the shows.

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