Monday, 14 July 2014

Stud Reduction

Due to ongoing health issues, it has been with regret, that we are having to drastically reduce our stud to a more manageable level. We still have some Ponies for Sale.
With both Harry & Ben, having flown the nest and myself unable to show any more, its been quite a heart breaking decision. I will be keeping a couple of Ponies, as I couldn't bear to part with them all.
We have been so lucky that eight of our Ponies, have already found fabulous new homes.
Demetrius, Colossus,Dionysus & Draconius's New Home
Four of the boys have gone to live with Abby & Bex, twin sisters who are totally spoiling them. I've already seen a video, showing that Dionysus has made himself right at home, by wandering in the House and nicking carrots and apples from the Kitchen.

Dionysus Literally In His New Home

The Alpacas at Katie & Jazz's New Home
Katie & Jazz, have gone to live with Wendy & Adam and some Alpacas. The Alpacas were not sure of the Ponies, at first, but they've settled down now.
Evie In Her New Home
Evie, has gone to live with Marilyn and is going to be shown in hand, by her Grand Daughter at some local shows. Hopefully, I will get to see her.
Tiger Lily in her New Home
Tiger Lily has gone to live with our Friends Traci & Jon, at the Raci Stud, where I see her, every time we visit. Traci, is going to show Tigs, so again I'll hopefully see her in the Show Ring.
I must admit, that I've come home and shed a few tears over them all. But having seen where they've all gone and the updates that I get, I know they have all gone to fabulous new homes and are already much loved.
I wish all their new Families, many happy years together. 

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