Friday, 27 April 2012


As you can imagine, it takes a lot to put on a Horse, Pony Show of any description.
But its all coming together very nicely and Traci & Jon would like to thank everyone, that has already sent in their Postal entries for the West Wales Mini Extravaganza.

Entries can be made on Sunday. There will be willing helpers, ready to take your entries. I'm one of them. Glutton for punishment.  There are 32 Classes, so there is something for everyone. All classes will now be held inside due to the inclement weather.
Here are some of the lovely Trophies, that can be won on the Day.  This is not all of them, wait until you see the Champion and Reserve Champion Trophies, and then there's the Best In Show "The Buckmaster Trophy".  I'll give you a sneak peek, of them before Sunday.
Harry & Courtney have decided that they will be showing Warrior, they both have two classes each. Tomorrow, they are going to get Warrior ready, he's supposed to be having a nice hot bath. His Rugs are all washed and dried, just hoping that the rain holds off a bit tomorrow. But I don't know why I'm worried, they will all be soaked once they've finished...

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