Friday, 6 May 2011

Now That Was A Nice Shock....

Now that was a shock, in the nicest possible way.
Tiger Lily has been bagged up for a few days and we've been expecting her to Foal at any time.
But having checked on her, in the Barn last night at 12.30, before we went to bed, she was busy munching away on the Hay.
So when we went down this morning to let the Ponies out, it was a shock to find this little one. Tiger Lily, had obviously given birth in the early hours of this morning, to a lovely Skewbald Coloured Colt, as yet he doesn't have a name.
I also spent some time up in the field today, with my Camera and managed to get some video footage of the Foals which I'm sharing on here. Two are in the posts below and I'm just waiting for the last one to load and I'll add it to this blog. There are three very short videos., which I must say have taken forever to load onto YouTube. Enjoy...xxxx

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