Sunday, 19 December 2010

The White Stuff...

We've got quite a bit of Snow here, but not as much as some people across the rest of the UK. Although the temperature in the day is not getting much above freezing.
The Snow was lovely at first, but now I wish it would melt and go away.
It just causes so many problems for everyone.
We are lucky that our Ponies have plenty of food, we had our Haylage order, delivered just before this lot hit.
The Girls have huge wagon Wheels of Haylage, in their fields and the Boys are being fed with small bales of hay and Haylage. Plus they are all getting hard feed as well.
The only real problem we are having is the water, as it keeps freezing. We have a huge storage tank in the Stables which is filled with water, so at least we can bucket the water to the water troughs. If you click on the pictures they should pop up bigger.

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