Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Harry's Armour..

Mick's parents came up on Sunday and brought Harry's Armour up for the Medieval day. He couldn't wait to try it on.
Mick's cousin Steve has lent the outfit to us. It is a film prop from the film First Knight with Richard Gere and Sean Connery. This is the armour worn by Richard Gere, when he played the part of Lancelot.
Steve's business is based at Elstree Studios, if you click on Steve's name it will take you over to the web site.
We just need to get Harry a long sleeved black top to wear underneath. He's going to take it up to the Riding School this week to practise wearing this lot on Horse back!
Yesterday, Harry and I spent the whole morning at the Riding School with some of the other Children painting Shields.. Hopefully, we now have enough for the fun day...
Mick's parent's left this morning and tomorrow Ben comes home from Scotland with Katie and we are also at a Horse Show. So this afternoon I'll be bathing the Ponies. Just waiting for the rain to stop!
If you watch the Youtube video, you can see Richard Gere at the end wearing the armour... Swoon........But I have to say Sean does it for me with that voice...

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