Sunday, 8 June 2008

Dolfyndd Horse Show..

Went to a local show today, in aid of the Mostonbrook Sanctury Equine Home Of Rest.
Took Meechlands Minuet, got her out of the field yesterday and gave her a really good scrub, she came up a dream.
Left home at 8am this morning. There were 7 classes for the Shetlands we were in class 7 Best Miniature. Gained 1st place, stayed in the ring for the Championship and Min got Reserve Champion up against some big blacks. She was a perfect little lady, so different to handle then a Stallion. After the Shetlands we went in the Coloured, Spotted and Palomino Class. Bless her heart she was surrounded by big coloured Horses, and she never batted an eyelid, we got 4th Place in that class. All in all not a bad day out. Well done Min, you was a perfect little lady today.

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